Thursday, May 28, 2009

Na Ro Mola Nadeem Sarwar Noha

This is a funeral song (NOHA) of Nadeem Sarwar . This Noha is about journey of IMAM ZAIN UL ABBDIN (A.S) (SON OF IMAM HUSSAIN A.S) and Ahl-E-BAIT-E-RASOOL ( FAMILY OF HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD "P.B.U.H") . The Poet of this noha is Rehaan Azmi. He narrates the whole story how AHL-E-BAIT faced difficulties during this journy and in the prison of cruel king YAZEED (LAEEN) . During the prison BIBI SAQEENA (S.A) The daughter of IMAM HUSSAIN (A.S) was martyrd . She was just 4 years old . her age is not confermed as in some books the the age is told as 6 years and in some it is written as 4 years .

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