Thursday, May 28, 2009

Golden Words Of Imam Ali Ameer Al Momineen (A.S)

Imam Ali (A.S) Says :-

1. " Do not accept the company of a fool, because he will present his deeds in nicely decorated manner and would like you to become like him. "

Imam Ali (A.S) (Saying 293 (Nahajul balagha )

2. O' People ! By ALLAH i do not invite you to any obedience unless i practice it before you and do not restrain you from any disobedience unless i desist from it before you

Imam Ali (A.S) Sermon (Khutba) No: 173 From (Nahajul Balagha)

3. It is just worthy of this world that in the morning it supports a man but in the evening it dose not recognize him . If one side of it is sweet pleasant the other side is bitter and distressing.

Imam Ali (A.S) Sermon No: 111 from (Nahajul Balagha )

4. They (Ahl e Bait ) are the trustees of his (Muhammad P.B.U.H) secrets, shelters for his affairs, source of knowledge about him, center of his wisdom, valleys for his book and mountains for his religions. With them ALLAH straightened the band of religion's back and removed the tremblings of its limbs.

Sermon 2 of Imam Ali (A.S) from (Nahajul Balagha )

5. I enjoin upon you fear of ALLAH who has left no excuse against what he has warned argument (of guidance) about the (right) path he has shown.

Sermon No: 82 of Imam Ali (A.S) from (Nahajul Balagha)


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