Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Muharam And The Story of KARBALA

Muharam is the first month of the islamic calender. It is very sacred and important month of the muslims. It remindes us the great martyrdom of HAZRAT IMAM HUSSAIN (A.S), The grandson of holy prophet MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) at karbala.
The whole story behinde this martyrdom is that yazid, The caliph of damascus, Was an ambitious man, and he did not like to see the direct descendants of the holy prophet claiming any rival positions to him. He troubled Imam HUSSAIN (A.S) in many ways, till a war broke out which lasted a long time. Eventually, Imam HUSSAIN died in the field of Karbala. He was kept withour food and drink for several days, and this makes the tragedy he died hungry and thristy.
As Hazrat Imam HUSSAIN (A.S) martyr at the 10th of Muharam, so the festival of Muharam lasts for ten days, in which death of imam HUSSAIN (A.S), The hero is mourned by pious Muslims. They sing funeral songs (NOHA'S) , elegies, lamenting the death of HUSSAIN (A.S), and spend their time in weeping and wailing . Alams are distributed among the poor, and cold sweetened drinks are specially supplied to the thirsty.
Big processions of Taziahs are held on the 10th day. Taziahs are hude bamboo structures covered with coloured papers of various designs are carried in solemn procession through the town, and burried out side, where a big meal (NIYAZ) is held. Taziahs are some times made of wood and ivory, Also, and are very costly. They represent the tomb of Imam HUSSAIN (A.S) at Karbala. The procession is composed of mourners, who remembering the martyrdom of the Holy hero, are filled with great spiritual anguish. They revere the Taziahs or Taboots. The worshippers follow or precede the Taziahs, repeating in very excited manner the name of "HUSSAIN (A.S)". On the night of 10th Muharam "Sham-e-Ghareeban" is held.
But there is the also an other side of the picture. and that is breakout of riots. These riots are results of religious fanaticism. Through the mourning in honour of Imam HUSSAIN (A.S) is observed by all sections (FIRQAH) of Muslims , yet the Taziahs are the symbols of worship only among the SHIAS. Quarrels break out among shias and sunnis, and Ahl-i-Hadith-Shias riots, also, occurs in some places on those occasions.

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